AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad 2022
AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad 2022 for students of grades 9-12 of schools of the Republic Kazakhstan is holding the 5th anniversary in 2022 with numerous prizes, grants and the opportunity to represent our country at the international level

About the Olympiad
The AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad aims to reveal the potential of talented students interested in economics, business and finance through non-standard problem-solving. Students of 9-12 grades of schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan can take part in this competition and win educational grants as well as valuable prizes. The Olympiad will be held in two stages in the period from May to June. Finalists of the Finance and Economics Olympiad will be able to introduce our country in the international arena.
The AIFC Olympiad is an educational project organized by the Astana International Financial Centre.
AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad Achievements in 2018-2021:
More than 500+ participants
representing every region of our country participated in Olympiads in 2018-2021.
10 medals
9 medals at the International Olympiad in Economics (in 2018-2021, the Kazakh national team won 8 medals in individual ratings and 2 medals in team ratings)
30 countries
Among more than 30 countries of the world, Kazakhstan was approved to host the fourth International Economics Olympiad in 2021 among high school students
18 educational grants
In 2021, winners and best performers of AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad won 18 educational grants from partner-universities – Kazakh-British Technical University, Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University, Atyrau University and National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Russia).
Benefits of AIFC Finance and Economics Olympiad:
This is the first step to become a world-class expert
The winners of the Olympiad will form a National Team to represent Kazakhstan at the International Economics Olympiad
Exchange of knowledge and practices with participants from other countries
Key objectives of the Olympiad:
Increasing student's interest in finance and economics
Development of critical and creative thinking
Promoting self-realization and continuous development of students
Development of healthy competition by sharing knowledge and providing opportunities for the development of the younger generation;
To stimulate the holding of competitions in the field of finance, economics and business among secondary school students in the regions of Kazakhstan
How To Prepare For Olympiad
Dear participants!
There are different ways on how you can start preparing for the Olympiad:

1. Great news! You can prepare for the AIFC Economics Olympiad with a series of videos by clicking on the following link

2. We recommend the following books on economics that can be found on
For more materials and resources follow

3. Over the last five years, the Olympiad has been going on, and many tasks have accumulated, using which you can prepare for the competition. Follow the link for more details!/tab/278298882-1

We wish you success in your preparation and see you at the Olympiad!
The answers for frequently asked questions:
Who can participate?
The main requirements for participation:
1) to be a student of 9-12 grade of school
2) to have fluent English.
When does registration start?
Registration will be open from April 18 to June 1. Don't miss the opportunity! Follow all the updates on our Instagram page: alpharabius_edu and Telegram group:
If I don't have background in finance and economics, can I participate?
Yes, the most important thing is to have a desire. You have a chance to prepare using our tips described above. Moreover, we will provide preparation for the Olympiad in the form of info sessions.
What will the Olympiad consist of?
The Olympiad will be held in three stages. Stage 1 includes several multiple-choice questions. Stage 2 takes place in the format of an investment game. Stage 3 is in the form of a case task with open questions.
What are the most important dates?
June 9: The opening ceremony of the Olympiad

June 10: Stage 1 of the Olympiad

June 13: Stage 2 of the Olympiad

June 16: Stage 3 of the Olympiad

June 20: Closing ceremony

* Dates are subject to change, please, check the announcements on our social networks.
What is the method of calculating the scores of participants?
Stage 1 = 25 points

Stage 2 = 25 points (Financial Game)

Stage 3 = 50 points (Economics open-ended questions)

For Stage 3 will be allowed only top 40 contestants after Stage 1 and 2 results

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